Terms & Conditions

For the protection of the information provided to our website by our customers or members, the following preventions are taken.

The protection of the information and transactions, according to its type, is done by Libas Giyim Magazalari Tic.Ltd.Sti. and/or Payu Payment Services, in internet services by shopify.com. All the credit card transaction and approval information flows between Libas and Payu by online channel as secured. (Credit card password or any other personal information is not seen or saved by Libas)

The information provided by our members for purchasing, info-update, and especially credit card, bank card information can't be seen by other internet users.

The information provided by our members or customers can be revealed to the necessary organizations, if our legal regulation responsibilities ask for. In addition, the information provided by the members or customers can be stored by Libas or indicated organizations regarding advertising, promotional sales, and for contact means.

If our website is directing the traffic to any other website or social media channel, for any usage and transaction, the privacy policy of that specific website will be in charge. For any disagreement, or tangible, intangible damage, Libas is not responsible.

The inventory system is always up to date but there is always a chance of stock-out, even if the website shows that it is in-stock. If you make a purchase and it is stock-out, you can either change the order or Libas can immediately send the cancel information to its payment service. If there is an inventory problem, Libas will immediately contact the customer, or member by any means of contact available

Promotional Campaings, gift card campaigns, or any sales discounts which are created by Libas, can’t be merged with any other campaign which applies a discount on product price.

Used products can’t be returned.

Excluding the products that have defects, if the products that the customer wants to return is specially tailored for them, used or, not carrying its original tag, customer won’t have the right to return it.

Customers must provide the invoice of that specific product that they want to return.

The payments for any purchases from our website, can only be done by credit card and wire transfer.
Libas.com.tr has both international shipping and domestic shipping option (Turkey). Shipping in Turkey is free of charge. International shipping costs are added after the customer selects the destination country before they checkout.

Libas.com.tr has the right to change, shipping courier, shipping fee, and in-store delivery options without any notice.

In every purchasing, the customer will be able to see order pre-information form and sales agreement and they will be applied.

For additional information, Libas has the necessary contact information online.

Libas Giyim Mağazaları Tic. Ltd. Şti.
The above principles Member-customers are embracing and my personal and other information mentioned in the form of your website your company with current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, all kinds by his successors, promotional, advertising, promotion, communication, sales, marketing, store cards, credit cards and membership applications for indefinite period of time with or anticipate will be recorded in writing / magnetic kept in the archive, storing, processing, updating and sharing, transfer to and allow the use

Our company is not responsible for any changes, or victimization occur in Shopify.com system and connected systems where Libas.com.tr is established on.