In Store Services

Tailor Service

For the products purchased from our store, we offer free clothing alteration service by specialist tailors, to fit the size of our customers.

Customer Parking

When you come with your car, you may use the store-owned parking lot and enjoy your shopping.

Shopping With an Appointment

If you don’t have enough time for shopping due to any reason, we can have appointmens. On a date and time you select, our sale assistants will be waiting for you with the preparations with respect to your taste.

Last Minute Service

It is possible that, you can get an invitation to a meeting or an event at the last minute. Right at that moments, we are here for you to present our creative selections to meet your needs.

Gift Service

You are looking for something special as a gift, but you don’t know what to pick. Our sales assistants can guide you with possible options, and at the same time your gift can be delivered to the place you want at any time by us.